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What We Do:




We provide service...


Toth Event Staffing provides certainty.  We provide staff on every event that are informed, elegant and professional.  




We provide experience...


Toth Event Staffing only hires staff that have experience in off premise catering. When ordering staff from Toth Event Staffing for your catered event, bar, kitchen or on site event experience we are aiming to provide you someone that has done it before. We also think it is important that the staff enjoys the work. And when you are working and communicating with staff we make sure to provide people that make that experience enjoyable.




We provide great attitudes and personalities...


We insure great service by asking the right questions on the phone before your staff arrives; And by screening our staff to insure only the best attitudes and personalities show up on your event.




So that you fall in love...


Staffing is a lot like match making.  We try to send staff that you will simply fall in love with and will want to work with again and again.  We believe the best kind of business is repeat business!





provided by Toth Event Staffing


Wait Staff

Waiters at different levels for different types of events.  

We have wait staff that are great for working with caterers and then we also have executive wait staff that are really terrific at working in the private home environment.  



Toth Event Staffing may be unique in its policy of not hiring any bartenders that are not also willing to be a waiter.  We pride ourselves on service and a bartender should be willing to do all that a waiter does with the added ability of mixed drink knowledge and bar management skills.



On site event management that can take the event you have planned and help to execute it to perfection.  If there is a challenge we will help to find the solution.  You may never know there was a challenge.  They may be a able to fix it without involving you.  Captains make your life easier so that information, direction goals and event service is handled with little to know additional attention from client or principals.


Kitchen Assistants

Helpful hands for caterers.



Whether for a private home or for high level prep and cooking in a corporate kitchen Toth Event Chefs will help to make sure your event has that professionally catered feel and look.



Other Event Staff

Registration, production, hosts, models.  Whether using our incredibly talented staff or one of our amazing partners we will make sure your needs and expectations are met.  We specialize in catering staff but we excel at service.  Whatever the event requires if we understand the expectations we can help to meet and exceed them.



Event Services:

Toth Event Staffing can help with managing rentals, decor and other services such as valet and entertainment.



For all services Contact Toth




Why Toth Event Staffing

does not publish pricing on website?

We try to keep life simple.  Because events can vary wildy on location due to expectations and requirements we refrain from publicising pricing so that we are not disappointing anyone by promising a price that may not serve there specific needs.  


Toth Event Staffing

is often seen by our clients as providing a better value than competing agencies in both price and service.

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