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What Our Clients Are Saying


What Toth Event Staffing attempts to do on every job is to listen to clients needs and expectations and fufill them.  

We work hard to keep our great clients and the proof is in the results, repeat business and the feedback you see below.

“Thank you so much for sending me Pedro and Ruby. They were two delightful young people who were very caring and helpful to our dinner party   It made the dinner run beautifully and seamlessly.  Pedro even offered to run and get cars for us when it started to rain heavily. Hope to have them again for future dinner parties.  They were terrific. Thank you so much."

—  Rya and Charles Rosenzweig

July 23, 2018

Have fun and move the cards around.  You can rotate and expand them to read them.  Enjoy!!
Osterman Perez - Thank you - May 3 2016
Janine - Cynthia Thank you
Alston Armfield - Eduardo was Amazing_edited
Thank you Note from John Shiboski Mother and freinds - 7-4-2015.png
Thank You Note - Julie SCott
Thank you note - Nancy Pearson
Thank you note - Lisa Hellista
Thank you note - Robin & Larry Green
Thank you note - Maureen Blitman
Thank you note - George Grasso
Thank you note - Shelby Pearl
Thank you note - Carmita Alonso
Thank you note - Beth Tomkiewicz
Thank you note - Alston & Carter

"They were Amazing!!!!

Both so professional, helpful and nice!

I would definitely use them again.



Stacy DiCristofaro

October 15, 2018

"Your team did a GREAT job. Michael and Sonja were so lovely. They also were flexible and gracious to changes throughout the evening and limitations to the venue. We appreciated their can-do demeanor throughout the evening. 


Definitely will keep you in mind for future events!"


Gillian Weeks, Willow Wedding, LLC

October 9, 2018

"Pedro was perfectly phenomenal.


From start to finish.  We simply cannot say enough about his professionalism, affable manner, and incredible work ethic and ability to get things done.Everyone at our Easter celebration loved Pedro.

We can't imagine not requesting him specifically in the future."


Colleen Borelli

April 17, 2017

Cameron, both hostesses were PERFECT!!!!! This is what Stephanie told me. 

Thank you for the help on this program. Very much appreciated. 

Bill Mertz

March 23, 2017

"I just wanted to say thank you for the help with my event last night. Everyone was on time and extremely professional.
I have a wedding this Saturday and I was curious if Diego, Zach or Etienne was available to work."  


Jonathan Burgh

Beckwith Pointe in New Rochelle, NY 

October 21, 2016 

"Hi Cameron,

I wanted to let you know that Michael and Pedro were so professional that I was amazed with how much they were able to do--from asking guests what they wanted to drink, to making a second crudité platter because people were sitting in two areas, to the amazing clean up!

I wouldn't hesitate to use them again."  


Shelley Zelson

October 9, 2016 

"Excellent Crew."  


Elena Sassone

Catering Director, Manhattanville College

October 7, 2016 

"Hi Cameron,

I just wanted to let you know that we had a fantastic experience with your staff on Monday evening. From the minute Matt arrived (on time!) he was extremely helpful and courteous. He thought of everything, was on top of everything, and helped to make the evening run incredibly smoothly.  It was an absolute pleasure to work with and we look forward to working with him in the future.

Thank you so much,
Johanna Snyder"  


Johanna Snyder

October 6, 2016 

"Your staff was great!."  


Leaf O'Neal

The Windmill Club, Armonk, NY

October 4, 2016 

"As for your staff, I was very impressed and happy with the level of service and attention to detail. As you know, the day definitely got more hectic than we ever anticipated, but the steadying professionalism and experience of you and your team was instrumental in moving the event along and keeping our guests well taken care of, which was our priority and freed us up to enjoy the festivities.


I also want to thank you and Aldean for staying past the initially agreed time without hesitation to help [with] wrapping things up. I am truly appreciative of your assistance with our wedding and will recommend your company without reservation if the opportunity arises."  


Osterman Perez

May 1, 2016 

"Hi Cameron-Your staff did an amazing job on Friday night!"  


Kelly Binday

March 6, 2016 

"Eduardo was TERRIFIC. Very helpful, attentive and busy - which turned out to be especially important as some of these people we had not seen in 20 years so it was hard to remove one's self from a conversation to prep the next course so to speak! And thank you so much for your help as well. I will be sure to spread the word in case any of my friends need help, and I will be calling the next time I need help!"  


Pat Cook

February 29, 2016 

"Thank you so much. Pedro was outstanding!!!!! We have tried three different catering staff and have had such bad luck. Pedro worked so hard, was very gracious and made our party just great. I had such a great time"  


Katie Dropkin

February 9, 2016 

"Michael and Eduardo were AMAZING. I absolutely loved them and would want them back to any house event I host in the future.
THANK YOU for making this seamless and easy.
At least half of the families we had asked for your contact info because of the quality of Michael and Eduardo's service."  


Tracy Kim

January 4, 2016 

"Cameron, Thanks so much for sending Jennifer and Javier - they were awesome - it totally made our Thanksgiving dinner a pleasure."


Pam Zucker

November 30, 2015 

"Cameron, Just wanted you to know how great Michael and Jamie were! Everything went really well and they were a pleasure to work with. We look forward to working with you in the future and hope you had a great holiday :)"


Michele & Todd Gershwin

November 27, 2015 

"Mariann was lovely and extremely competent! [Thank you] for sending her! Lovely to work with you, Cameron"


Fran Rosenfeld

November 17, 2015 

"Wanted to let you know that Pedro did an amazing job on Friday night at our dinner party - he was so warm and friendly, and also just took charge of the kitchen - I felt like a complete guest in my own home, and he was a pleasure to work with."


Stephanie Simon

November 13, 2015 

"Eduardo was beyond fantastic!!! He was the biggest help and was such a professional!!"


Christina Couzzo

November 10, 2015 

"Cameron!  - we were SO impressed with everyone!!! They jumped right in immediately and everything was seamless. As the person working behind the scenes with them all night, I was happily surprised at how much I DIDN’T have to tell them! I would hire them again in a second. Thank you again and hope to work with you sooner than later! Patty"


Patty Nusser

Political Fundraising Event

November 7, 2015 

"Pedro was great! Very nice and very helpfull and did his job seamlessly! Will definitely want to hire him again."


Denisse Stainfeld

November 7, 2015 

"I just wanted to thank you so much for helping me have a successful party! Eduardo was awesome! He was truly great…he helped the party run very smoothly and I just wanted to let you know! Thanks again!"


Diane Penner

September 26, 2015

"Krisztina and Mariann were both great! I am waking up to a spotless kitchen and dining room, which is quite an accomplishment after the number of people I had for dinner. They were pleasant and helpful. Thank you for suggesting having both of them. You were right!"


Jennifer Gross

September 24, 2015

"We Love Alma she is great!"


Barbara Schmitt

Eurest @ IBM North Castle

September 24, 2015

"Thank you so much for sending such wonderful staff for our event. They were truly amazing, capable, and talented. They were super helpful, independent, and creative in their approach. They handled re-plating of all the buffet food, setting up the bar beautifully, and were friendly and warm. They were the perfect compliment to Deanna's beautiful staging and lighting."


Inness Hancock

September 18, 2015

"Just wanted to thank you again. Your staff was really great and very professional. It was a pleasure working with them. Will definitely be contacting you next time we have an event. Thanks again."


Maria Taylor

September 15, 2015

"Thank you! Eduardo was terrific. Really appreciate!"


Karen Zachem

September 8, 2015 

"Just to let you know. Our party Friday night was such a high success. Matt and Brenda have to take responsibility for that. They were amazing. Thank you so much. Great experience. Both of them were spot on professional and their presentation of the food was astounding. Please relay this to them. Will recommend every chance I get."


Marie Galasso

August 23, 2015 

"Jim was a very nice fellow and performed very well, I would definitely request for him in the future."


De Quency Bowen, Chef Manager

Flik @ Mt Saint Francis

August 22, 2015 

"Matthew and Mariann were the most professional, accommodating, pleasant and "not in your face" staff I have ever experienced!!!Congrats to YOU on the best staff ever!!"


Liz Gaelick

August 18, 2015 

"Just wanted to touch base and say many thanks for helping out with the service yesterday at our house. Everything was well organized and handled very professionally. Ryan was terrific, a very hard worker with an easy going and friendly approach to the job. He went above and beyond the call of duty and went the extra mile. This was not easy as it was very hot."


Michael Clark

August 17, 2015 

"Pedro was amazing! We were thrilled."


Meredith Kosann

August 17, 2015 

"Saturday was a huge success and that was due in part to your excellent staff. I took one look at Ryan and knew I was in good hands. I explained in broad terms what we were doing and he ran with it, checking in with me when necessary, which was not often and always on point.


Derry was wonderful in the kitchen and we had a fine time. He was able to carve my 25 pound wheel of swordfish in front of the guests, even wearing his chef's hat, which he had with him! Talk about being prepared. He even gave me a present of a new instant read thermometer when he heard that someone had taken mine from the kitchen."


Jensina Olson

August 17, 2015 

"Hi Cameron –   Eduardo was FANTASTIC!!!  He was amazing and above and beyond what I expected.    Thank you again!"


Elizabeth Oliveri

May 13, 2015 

"Hi Cameron, 

I can't begin to tell you how wonderful Eduardo was the other night.  From the minute he entered my house I knew we were in good hands.  He was so helpful, creative, charming, efficient, and had a perfect sense of timing.  Everything went so smoothly and he enabled me and my guests to feel relaxed and well taken care of.  plus my house was sparkling when he left!


I can't thank him or you enough!"


Erika Radin

May 10, 2015 

"I have been using Cameron's staffing services for a few months now, and have had an extremely positive experience. He is proactive & professional. It's great for me to be able to describe exactly what my needs are for a particular event and have him produce the staff.  I'm [now] focused more on the client and less on scheduling and training. "


Colin Mead, Director of Events at 42 in White Plains

March 30, 2015 

"Kieran was great, and I now see the value in having someone else on hand during a party!  

Thanks again – look forward to doing business with you the next time."


Betsy Parker

March 24, 2015 

"Marlon and Cynthia both did a terrific job.  The food was presented well, and when they left everything was cleaned up and put away.  Very easy for me!  I will definitely reach out again for future assistance."


Allison Rosier

March 7, 2015 

"Everything was great and Eduardo was unreal. He was so very helpful—I can’t be more appreciative. He made everything beautiful and did so seamlessly. I was really able to take part and not worry about anything."


Patti Friedman

March 7, 2015


"The party was a huge success!  The food was delicious and Kieran was wonderful at serving. Everyone had a great time and I would definitely use ... serving team again."


Margot Milberg

February 28, 2015

"Both Nick and Eduardo were superb… arrived early and did amazing presentations and clean-up. Would love to have them at every event I host!"


Cynthia Odell

February 28, 2015

"I just wanted to tell you how helpful Pedro was this weekend.  My husband and I loved him.  A shiva is a difficult thing to get through, but Pedro went above and beyond to make sure we didn't have to worry about a thing before, during and after our guests arrived.  He was quick, efficient and calm and a very nice guy.  I will definitely be requesting him again, hopefully for happier events in the future."


Jen Gross

February 11, 2015

"Eduardo did a really nice job.  I was able to enjoy the party and didn’t have to worry about clean up after.  Everyone was happy."


Erica Visokey

February 9, 2015

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