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A Few Photos of Your Amazing Events.

Toth Event Staffing gets to snap a few photos once and a while and that allows you to see the awesome world of
Toth Event Staffing in Westchester New York, Fairfield Connecticut and NYC.
Bartenders: Kent, Aldean and James

Bar at a Bedford New York Fundraiser that Maison Privé catered.

Eduardo Meza at Castle
Ranju's award winning smile.
Cameron & David Pellon on site.
Pedro modeling the strawberries!
Picture perfect!
Cynthia modeling the hors d'oeuvres!
Teresa getting the station prepped.
Marc's beautiful bar set up.
Maison Prive Catered Fundraiser in Bedford New York

Maison Prive Catered Fundraiser in Bedford New York - Toth Event Staffing staff all of the Captains, Waiters, Bartenders, Coat Check and some of the kitchen staff.

Exec Staff on site w/ Cooked & Co.
Manning the buffet!
Cameron & Chef Gianinni

Cameron Toth & Chef Gianinni at White Plains Hospital

Kieran preparing the toast!
Marc at the Horse Show.
Juan tending bar.
Bar and buffet!
Time to Cater Microsoft Event
Staff running beverages from the bar
Cynthia passing hos d'oeuvres
Old Salem Farm Horse Show
Eduardo Meza - Mushroom Straws
Kieran setting up!
Michael Brown adding a setting

Michael Brown adding a setting per the clients request.

Betteridge Event
Toth Event Staffing staffed a high end VIP Holiday Party for Betteridge in Greenwich, CT.
Who wouldn't want to say hello

Toth Event Staffing can provide Female and Male models to make all your attendees excited to come in and say hi!

Betteridge Grand Opening

Models for passing hors d'oeuvres and mixing with guests were backed up by experienced service staff.

Models passed flutes of champagn

Models passed flutes of champagne as guests arrived and mingled.

Beautiful Food

Eating is a sensory experience and presentation plays a large role in how your food will be perceived. Beautiful plates served by beautiful people creates a magical culinary experience.

Styled and Ready to Go!

If you want an event to remember for years to come you have to commit fully to create an experience that guests will want to talk about.

Model passing hors d'oeuvres

Model passing hors d'oeuvres at Betteridge in Greenwich, CT.

Champagne Display

This is a great functional use of an ice sculpture. I definitely recommend creating an ice experience rather than just a ice display.

Those who missed it missed alot

Your guests will say "oh my, I wished I was there". What better way to increase attendance than by making those people who missed your event regret that they did.

Start onversations with great look

We helped to make sure the trays looked amazing and the staff looked amazing all to help create an atmosphere of fun and conversation.

Great costumes coordination

We worked with the event planner to provide the right bodies for the outfits the planner purchased. We made it easy for the planner to get what they wanted. We also provided a stylist to ensure the look was complete.

Legs to die for

If you are going to have models at your event they have to look the part. I believe we accomplished that at this event.

When you paint the picture...

When guest paint the picture of your event, what will it look like?

Nic supporting a station

Nic's job was pretty easy at this event and he looked good while standing at his station.

Bartender Marc stylized in red neon

Marc is a fan favorite for upscale bars from North Salem to Greenwich to NYC.

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